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Political Discourse with Charity

We live in a strange era of communications with fake news, polarized blogs and publications, trustless tweets, and overall disregard of the truth.  It’s a challenge to know what’s what. To some extent, we participate in questionable discourse by our own political polemics, drawn often into pointless debate, responding more from gut reactions than reflecting on research into topics by reading respected, quality publications and newspapers, and viewing substantive television.

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton once said: “Why should others be more persistent in persuading me to trifles than I in adhering to that which I know is right?”

What is right? It takes time to study issues and courage to share our knowledge with others who are still blustering with gut reactions. It takes strength of character to know when to bite the tongue or when to speak up when others rail at reputations or foster the fake. We know in our hearts what is right and, while we may never have all the answers or be able to separate the wheat from the chaff, we do know we are called as people of charity to address others in love.   
~~Rosemary Lalevée Carroll, Director of Seton Associates

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Rosemary Carroll
Director of Seton Associates
Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth
P.O. Box 476
Convent Station, NJ 07961-0476

Phone: 973-290-5336 Fax: 973-290-5337

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Seton Associate Prayer

Loving God
You blessed Elizabeth Ann Seton with a desire to do your will.

She sought you in her charity and found you by her faith.

Following her example and through her intercession may we draw closer to you.

Continue to bless the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth and all Seton Associates as we strive toward boundless charity in our daily lives.

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