LesCayesHaiti'ACCOMPANIMENT' spiritually underpins sisters' mission in Haiti (Global Sisters Report by Chris Herlinger)  click here to read article
HAVING LESS THAN NOTHING: Haiti in the Aftermath of Matthew
by Dawn Colapietro
Port Au Prince, Haiti––I never realized it was possible to have less than nothing until Hurricane Matthew ripped through Haiti on October 3rd.  In its wake, the category 4 storm left the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere even poorer. It destroyed homes, crops, farm animals, lives, and entire communities. It left everyone bracing for the aftermath––conditions feared more than the storm itself: shortages of food and water, escalating costs for housing material, and outbreaks of life threatening diseases like malaria and cholera.  What could Matthew leave behind besides devastation–further social, political and economic instability in an already unstable and fragile country?  To continue reading click here.


interfaithprayerserviceMARTIN LUTHER KING JR.'S

Madison-area clergy were joined by members of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth for an interfaith service at Holy Family Chapel.  Click here to read more.




v depaul Come to Our Lecture on Vincentian Companioning

     “Vincentian Companioning: Seeing Christ in Others” is our next lecture scheduled for Saturday, January 28 from 9 a.m. to noon in the Academy Study Hall. Presenters are Sisters Maryanne Tracey, S.C. and Sister Roberta Feil, S.C.  Both attended a special workshop on Vincentian Spirituality several years ago in Colorado. Now they will lead us in deepening our spirituality and opening our Vincentian hearts to compassion and service to others, especially those in need.  
Click here for more information.



Sister Anne Assumpta LueiThis month our Archivist, Sister Noreen Neary, shares a Sister Story about Sister Anne Assumpta Luei (RIP). This sister story was adapted from a 2001 essay of Sister M. Carita Pendergast, SC, who went to China in 1931 and remained until the expulsion in 1951.  Click here for full story.

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